New girl in town!

The town of Bayfield, Wisconsin, is somewhat dwarfed by her newest visitor: the Great Lakes cruise ship, the Yorktown. At 257 feet long and 68 feet wide with an 8-foot draft, she makes the local excursion boats and Madeline Island ferries look small.

Which is larger: Bayfield, Wisconsin, or her guest, the Yorktown?

The nearby sailboats are infinitesimal. The entire town is fact, is dwarfed by her presence.

Those are sailboat masts there in the background . . .

According to her website — — she carries 138 guests in 68 exterior cabins. We figure the interior cabins (how many might that be?) carry the crew.

Apparently she also carries a lot of fuel and a lot of holding tank capacity (no discharge on the Great Lakes, remember). So we weren’t surprised to see a fuel truck at the dock filling her up side-by-side with a sewage truck emptying her out. But how many times did each have to make the trip down to the dock to finish the job, we wonder.

The little tiny trucks are part of the effort to empty some tanks and fill others!


3 Responses

  1. Hey Karen and Jerry! I just found your blog and it’s great to see pictures of the apostles again. We were dock neighbors at Roy’s for a few years when we were on our red islander 30 mkII. I’ve been boat building for the last 5 years and hope to join the world of the living (sailing) again soon. I hope you guys have a great summer cruise.

    -Jeff (Heather & Ethan)

    • Wonderful to hear from you guys! Of course we remember you. We’ll be going to Roys Point for their annual potluck on Saturday. We haven’t been there for years and are looking forward to seeing old friends from those days! I remember that you had big plans in the boat-building department. Good to hear that dreams come true! We’d like to hear more about what you’re up to. Please email more:!

    • Just realized that you sent a link! We’ll look at that when we have a fast Internet connection once more (probably at home).

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